How to make a simple web site, no programming involved

A simple way to create your Web Site Step-By-Step including everything you need at no extra cost, all inclusive


Build Your Own Web Site


What Will I Learn?
  • Create your own Web Site
  • Understand the fundamentals of the WWW
  • Understand the Web Site files involved
  • Creating image files
  • Register a Web hosting account
  • Uploading files to the Server with FTP
  • PC running Microsoft Windows
  • Internet Connection

This course teaches how to make a simple web site, no programming involved. It includes some theory and a Step-by-Step guide to producing a functional web site. The student will understand the fundamentals of a web site, of the Internet, the server and uploading files via FTP. The outcome will be an operational web site available on the Internet. All the necessary components are included at no extra cost. No additional software required or other complexities. This course is suitable for novice developers wanting to create their first web site successfully. The entire process should take between 3 – 8 hours. A weekend venture to get you up and running with a simple web site on the Internet.

Who is the target audience?

  • Novice Web developers
  • First time Web Site developers
  • Novice to Intermediate computer users


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