How To Become A Professional Short Seller – Trading Stocks, Forex Or Commodities


Short Selling - Learn To Sell Stocks Before The Fall



What Will I Learn?
  • Sell BEFORE Prices Collapse
  • Set Up Low-Risk, High-Probability Short Trades
  • Increase Your Returns On Long Investments Even If You Never Sell Short
  • Incorporate Short-Selling Into ANY Long Trading System
  • Effectively Manage Short And Long Positions To Maximize Profit
  • Pick ‘Tops’ With Alarming Accuracy
  • Put Volatility In Your Favor
  • Master Trade Follow-Through To Hone Your Trading Game
  • Understand The One Market Truth That Every Insider Knows


  • The course teaches the intermediate and advanced technical trader how to tactically set up low-risk, high-probability short trades and effectively exit long positions to maximize profit
  • Proper charting and analysis tools are required. Students should be familiar with configuring technical layouts. The course curriculum includes a lecture on configuring a smart layout with the proper technical tools
  • Success is achieved the fasted when the student incorporates a quantitative analysis model for sorting in addition to technical setup scanning. Students must have access to an analysis platform that is capable of scanning a securities database
  • The course details a specific layout and scanning strategy using the TC2000 analysis platform. This is not necessary to learn the method and master the setup. The course discloses all the logic necessary for configuring a layout on any platform that has the required tools
  • Students who achieve consistency will need a brokerage account to place trades. A minimum 2,500 USD margin account is suggested for equities (a lower balance is acceptable for Forex accounts). Instructor available for recommendations
  • A 25,000 USD minimum account balance (SEC Pattern Day Trader Rule) will be required for U.S. accounts engaged in short-interval (day) trading



Have You Ever Watched A Market Or Stock Come Tumbling Down For ‘No Reason’ At All?

Have You Ever Wished You Could Sell At The Top…Before The Market Turns Into A Ski-Slope, Dragging All Of Your Profits Down With It?


How To Become A Professional Short-Seller Trading Stocks, Forex Or Commodities.

Here Is What You Get With SHORT SELLING:

  • 15 Lectures + 2 Screencasts Packed With 100% ‘How-To’ Tactics And Strategy
  • A Definitive Step-By-Step Blueprint For Effective Selling And Short-Selling
  • A Method For Incorporating Short-Selling Into ANY Long Trading Strategy
  • Knowledge Of Timeless Market Mechanics To Improve Your SELL Decisions
  • Advanced Risk Control And Trade Management Skills To Take Your Trading Game To The Next Level

Plus a PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: You will acquire a trading skill which will enable you to locate low-risk, high-probability Short trades in any market that can be charted.

SHORT SELLING is brought to you by a top UDEMY Instructor and Stock Trading NINJA.

Said instructor promptly responds to ALL email questions and forum posts.

Even if you NEVER Sell Short, your trading education is NOT complete unless you know how to effectively SELL.

You are about to discover the one crucial market truth that every insider knows. You will learn:

  • How to picks ‘tops’ with alarming accuracy
  • Why it is better and EASIER to short markets in confirmed up trends
  • How to put volatility in your favor
  • The primary catalyst of immediate, sharp sell-offs and how to harness it for profit

Say goodbye to bear markets and corrections once and for all.

Never again live in fear of the next market melt-down.

Once you understand the true nature of market behavior, you can stay ahead of the curve in just a few minutes a week.

SHORT SELLING will teach you:

  • How to know when to sell and when to SHORT
  • Short-selling market mechanics to improve long trading
  • Why follow-through is everything and how to master it

This course will introduce you to a whole new world of opportunity.

This strategy is effective in ANY market – Stocks, Forex, Commodities or any liquid ‘chartable’ security and time interval.

I designed this course for the experienced Stock, Option and Forex trader who understands basic market mechanics and technical fundamentals, and the experienced investor in search of a proven market-timing model to maximize long-term investment models.

The honest truth is that ‘public’ market participants do not understand market mechanics.

The retail investor or trader will never see the sell-off coming and will always wonder why prices rolled over like a ski-slope because they do not understand the true nature of price behavior.

After the selling begins in earnest it is usually too late to get out.

In SHORT SELLING you will discover:

  • How to maximize your effort with the LONG-SHORT TREND FLOW
  • Why the cost of ignorance (not knowing how to sell) is just too high
  • The trailing stop fallacy and why you must know how to sell

If you know how to sell, why not sell short?

SHORT SELLING takes you one step further and details how to set up your trading desk with all the tools you need to simplify your strategies and dramatically improve your returns with less effort:

  • Configuring chart layouts for maximum efficiency
  • How to quickly and easily incorporate a short quantitative analysis model
  • How to scan, analyze and manage your trades from one simple, smart layout

When you finish the last lecture, you will be on your way to mastering short-selling as a long-term trading strategy.

And you will know if the market is setting up to continue the rally, or setting up to FALL.


If you are a trader struggling to make consistent profits or an investor frustrated by poor returns with no way to manage risk, then SHORT SELLING is a must-have.

Why try to learn how to trade on your own?

Get a comprehensive system and trade plan you can use IMMEDIATELY to profit.

Let a 20-year veteran of the trading game guide you step-by-step through the process.

Enroll NOW in SHORT SELLING. And learn to sell BEFORE the fall.

Course includes:

  • Lifetime Access To Course
  • Video Module Training Center
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Who is the target audience?
  • This is a comprehensive, tactical strategy for initiating short positions and exiting long positions at price points where the most likely outcome is immediate price decline. The ideal student should be familiar with technical tools and price-action
  • The ideal student will have at least 1+ years of charting and technical analysis experience
  • The ideal student should be willing to commit to creating a simple analysis procedure and testing the system to ensure they are consistently profitable prior to taking real trades
  • Short-interval traders, Forex traders, daytraders and scalpers looking for a strategy to methodically sell opening strength and fade rallies (on any time interval) should enroll in this course
  • Experienced investors and traders in search of a qualified market timing model should enroll in this course
  • Traders who have developed basic and intermediate level pattern-recognition skills will be able to effectively employ the strategy immediately
  • Traders and investors looking for a tadtical method for exiting long positions will find this course to be an indispensible resource
  • Options traders will benefit from leveraged directional short entries. The system may also be used to effectively to sell call spreads and trade put debits
  • This course is not for beginners or those without proper charting and analysis tools


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