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IGCSE Physics Chapter 5 Waves (Cambridge CIE)



What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will be able to answer every single question in the past papers related to waves
  • In this course you will learn everything about: 1- Water waves, 2- sound waves, 3- Light Reflection 4- Light refraction, 5- Light dispersion, 6- Converging lens


  • this course needs the normal student tools to be used in drawing ray diagrams, pencil, protractor, ruler, eraserer
  • No Prior Knowledge is Required this course starts from the beginning



*This Course is about Extended Cambridge (0625) IGCSE Physics… Chapter 5: Waves,

*This course covers all the points in the syllabus that are related to Waves,

*The course is directed to the point and restricted to the syllabus nothing less and nothing more, so you will not waste your time, with invaluable speech,

* If you know exactly your syllabus you will appreciate these videos,

* The average video duration is 3 mins so you will not get bored with the course and you can find reasonable points to pause and complete later,

* The full course duration is about 1 hours and 43 mins

* Past papers samples with mark scheme answers are included at the end of each lesson,

* This course includes six lessons:

Lesson1: Water Waves,

Lesson2: Sound Waves,

Lesson3: Light Reflection,

Lesson4: Light Refraction,

Lesson5: light Despersion,

Lesson6: Converging Lenses

This course is arranged so that it covers all the three kinds of waves,

starting with water waves the simplest kind of waves to study,

then sound waves, and then the last four lessons which are related to light waves,

this course mainly covers the theoretical parts that puts the basics that will help you answer all past paper questions related to waves in paper 1 ( the multiple choice), paper 3 (structured questions), and paper 6 ( the alternative to practical),

Lesson1 water waves: you will study the properties and behaviour of water waves like reflection, refraction and diffraction,

Lesson 2 sound waves: is a short part of the course that includes properties and behaviour of sound waves in addition to the sound pitch and loudness with some experiments to find the speed of sound,

Lesson 3 Light reflection: including plane mirrors,

Lesson 4 Light refraction: this also includes the phenomenon of total internal reflection and a brief study of the critical angle,

Lesson 5: Light Dispersion: the seven spectrum colors and other invisible forms of light,

Lesson 6 Lenses: the converging lenses and the formation of real and virtual images by the lenses


Who is the target audience?
  • This course is suitable for Cambridge IGCSE students and all other equivalent syllabi


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