Month: October 2017

Learn Linux in 5 Days and Level Up Your Career

Use the in-demand Linux skills you learn in this course to get promoted or start a new career as a Linux professional     What Will I Learn? By the end of this course you will understand the fundamentals of the Linux operating system and be able to apply that knowledge in a practical and useful manner.   Requirements A desire to learn.   Description JOIN THE OTHER 20,000 SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY TAKEN THIS COURSE If you want to learn how to use Linux and level up your career but are pressed for time, read on.Hello. My...

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Meal Planning Mastery

Save hundreds by learning how to create your own meal plan to lose fat and build muscle, while eating the food you love     What Will I Learn? FREEDOM: Learn how to eat when you feel like, and still achieve your physique goals. FLEXIBILITY: Design meal plans around your schedule and lifestyle. DIVERSITY: Learn how to incorporate chocolate, ice cream, and other indulgences, into a meal plan RESULTS: Learn strategies from a fitness model competitor to ensure you stick to your meal plan and get results TRANSFORMATION: Expect to lose 1-1.5 pounds per week using a meal plan...

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The Unreal Engine Developer Course – Learn C++ & Make Games

Learn C++ from scratch. How to make your first video game in Unreal engine. Gain confidence in programming     What Will I Learn? Learn C++, the games industry standard language. Develop strong and transferrable problem solving skills. Gain an excellent knowledge of modern game development. Learn how object oriented programming works in practice. Gain a more fundamental understanding of computer operation.   Requirements 64-bit PC capable of running Unreal 4 (recommended). Or a Mac capable of running Unreal 4 (must support Metal).   Description NEW Testing Grounds FPS shipped, including… Much more C++ and Blueprint. AI Blackboards & Behavior Trees. Environmental Query...

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UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development

Learn how to apply User Experience (UX) principles to your website designs, code a variety of sites, and increase sales!     What Will I Learn? A clear understanding of the principles and benefits of good UX and how to apply it to your website A strategy for making sure you know what people need from your website, and what you or your client needs from it in order to succeed The confidence to know what information should be included in your website, and how to design it to increase conversions The ability to code a variety of websites...

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Become a Product Manager | Learn the Skills & Get the Job

The most complete course available on Product Management. 13+ hours of videos, activities, interviews, & more     What Will I Learn? Understand the varying role of a Product Manager through different types and sizes of companies Decide which type of Product Manger best fits one’s goals and personality Understand the Product Lifecycle and how it applies to every product Understand the modern Product Development Process that both Fortune 500s and Startups adhere to Know how to identify ideas worth pursuing and dedicating resources to Understand how to get at the root of customer pain points Understand and communicate...

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