Singing Lessons for Vocal Warm Up’s and Voice Essentials


Singing Lessons for Vocal Warm Up's and Voice Essentials


What Will I Learn?
  • Understand voice physiology;
  • Learn the benefits of correct posture, breathing and resonance
  • Understand breathing anatomy used for singing;
  • Increase vocal range without force or pressure whilst improving strength and tone;
  • Perform vocal warm ups with easy exercises you can do at home;


  • You will be required to perform certain exercises throughout the course;
  • It would be good if you could practice these in front of a full length mirror (or even a face mirror at best);
  • Have a glass of water handy to keep well hydrated.



BEST SELLING Singing Online Course for Vocal Warm Up’s and Voice Essentials!


Over 10,000 students worldwide in September 2017. Hundreds of 5 star reviews!

Heres some reviews from students:

“Loving the course!! Very grateful for all the information. It really answers everything and anything and clears any confusion you previously had coming into this course. She has a pleasant voice, valuable tips and easy to follow instructions”. Thank you, Roma! Xx Miss Shapiro

“Roma is so GENUINE and I receive such warmth and true desire to be of service to us – her students.Lovely Soul”! Montana

“This course is very comprehensive and fun. Despite me having a great singing voice, I always had a bad habit of singing “throaty” or “pushed”. This helped me get rid of these bad habits”. Rick

“I have taken at least three online courses to improve my singing. I would like to say that yours are perfect. I really recommend this course to everyone. These exercises really work. Thank you very much for motivation that you give everyone”. .Asiye

Do you struggle with finding the time to learn to sing?

Or maybe you can’t afford the luxury of weekly singing lessons?

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced vocalist, this course will provide you with an excellent framework to be the best singer you can be.

For the cost of 2 one hour vocal lessons, you can have a whole course on singing at your fingertips that you can watch over and over again.

I’m Roma Waterman, vocal coach, author, speaker and professional singer/songwriter. After recording 9 albums, touring Internationally and being a vocal coach for TV Shows and for professional and amateur students, I know what it takes to sing well. It would be a privilege to help you achieve that goal too.

This course includes:

  • 42 bite size, easy to digest lectures;
  • Almost 2 hours of live video, power point presentations and MP3’s;
  • Diagrams and explanations on voice anatomy – from vocal folds to breathing;
  • A study of the 3 pillars of the voice – Posture, Breathing and Resonance – with exercises for you to try at home;
  • Printable PDF’s with exercises and notes at the end of each section;
  • 5 quizzes;
  • A lesson with me in my private studio where I show you how to do certain exercises;
  • A 25 minute downloadable vocal warm up CD with full backing tracks;
  • Sheet music for all the scales;
  • A 20 page ebook of all the notes with diagrams for you to print out and keep;
  • A recomended resource list so you can keep on learning.

Complete the course at your own leisure – take your time for a thorough learning experience, or complete it in a few days and have a resource you can go back to over and over again!

The best vocalists are not only those who DO, but those who KNOW why they DO.

This course will not just show you how to warm up and use your voice effectively, but will also explain why. With easy to understand lectures with videos, diagrams and presentations, you will achieve all your goals to have singing success!

This is also a great course for church singers, church choirs, vocal groups.


Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for those who want to sing well long term and often!
  • It is also for those who truly want to understand how their voice and body works to create healthy singing habits;
  • It is not for those who do not want to apply themselves – It will require determination and hard work!
  • It is for both the beginner and advanced singer.


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