Hands on AzureML: From Azure Machine Learning Introduction to Advance Machine Learning Algorithms. No Coding Required


Hands on AzureML: From Azure Machine Learning Introduction to Advance Machine Learning Algorithms. No Coding Required.


What Will I Learn?
  • Master Machine Learning Models using Azure ML.
  • Understand the concepts and intuition of Machine Learning models
  • Build Machine Learning models within minutes
  • Choose the correct Machine Learning Algorithm using the cheatsheet
  • Deploy production grade Machine Learning models
  • Use Machine Learning in the simplest form possible, using excel
  • Bring in great value to business you manage


  • Basic Math is good enough. This course does not require background in Data Science. Will be great if you have one.



Machine Learning is one of the skills which is in high demand. Data is the new Oil.

However, learning ML and then further deploying it have always been difficult. Azure ML is Microsoft’s way of democratizing Machine Learning.

Azure Machine Learning (AzureML) is considered as a game changer. Azure Machine Learning Studio is a great tool to learn to build advance models without writing a single line of code using simple drag and drop functionality.

The course is very hands on and you will be able to develop your own advance models using

  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees
  • Linear Regression
  • SVM 
  • and many more 

without any prior knowledge of coding. Moreover, you will be able to deploy these models as a web service.

This course is a complete Machine Learning course with basics covered. We will not only build the models but also explain various parameters of all those models and where we can apply them.

In this course, we will start with some basic terms which are used very frequently in machine learning.

I will also explain

  • What is Machine Learning and some real world examples.
  • Azure Machine Learning Introduction
  • Provide an overview of Azure Machine Learning Studio and high level architecture.

We would also look at

  • Steps for building an ML model.
  • Supervised and Unsupervised learning
  • Understanding the data and pre-processing
  • Different model types as well as
  • The AzureML Cheat Sheet.
  • How to use Classification and Regression
  • What is clustering or cluster analysis
  • Recommendation system using one of the most powerful recommender of AzureML


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn Machine Learning
  • Developers who want to start a career in or wants to learn about the exciting domain of Machine Learning
  • Business Analysts who want to apply machine learning to solve business problems
  • Functional Experts who can take help of Machine Learning and build/test their hypothesis quickly
  • Students and non-technical professionals who want to start a career in Machine Learning
  • Business Process Managers who want to automate their processes or decision making
  • Marketing professionals who want to apply machine learning for better predictions of sales, conversion, churn


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