Interior Design from Start to Finish


Interior Design from Start to Finish


What Will I Learn?
  • Develop your creative and technical skills to create photo realistic interior scenes
  • Develop ideas and transform them into 2D and 3D images
  • Add material to objects
  • Create custom 3D models
  • Add light portals
  • Use the grease pencil
  • Use multiple types of cameras
  • Use the layer management system
  • Use environment textures
  • Use the Archimesh add-on
  • Use the Measureit add-on


  • You should be able to use a PC at a beginner level
  • You should should have a computer capable of running Blender



Learn the basic concepts, tools and processes you will need to design and 3D model interior scenes.

Discover your creative side

Open Blender and discover a world of creativity. Blender is free, has industry standard tools and has a strong online community for help and support.

More industries than ever are starting to use Blender with more and more small production houses releasing work created using Blender. This will increase greatly over the coming years given the huge improvements to Blender in recent releases. Blender offers the full production pipeline and is constantly improving to ensure you get the best 3D tools available.

Content and Overview

In this course you are going to learn the whole process of creating a photo realistic interior bathroom scene. The course uses the very powerful free and open source software suite Blender.

The course is designed for practical learning that walks you step by step through the process from laying out your ideas on screen to creating custom 3D models, right the way through to adding materials, lighting, cameras and rendering the final scene.When you complete this course you will be able to use Blender as the complete drafting and 3D visualization package. With the latest release of Blender comes a feature packed design suite waiting to be discovered.

Take total control 

  • Design floor plans with ease
  • Learn how to quickly add rooms to the scene
  • Learn how to create your designed custom 3D models
  • Add real world material to your scene
  • Learn how to add real world lighting for that added realism
  • By learning Blender you will have complete control of every interior design element adding your own style to every project.


Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for interior designers who want to acquire the skill of 3D visualisation
  • This course is for anyone looking to learn a complete drafting to 3D visualization interior design suite

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