Design Thinking in 3 Steps for Better UX design

Design thinking is a online course that will teach you how to be more creative or use your creativity. You will learn specifics on how to understand your users and audience to better prototype UX designs. Utilize your thinking to become better UX designer.


Understand your audience, envision a creative solution, and test your prototype by award-winning UX design firm Cooper



This course is thought by some of the most eminent companies in the world that teach design thinking. Cooper is a consultancy company that has been working with Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years. Alan Cooper is the person who is behind this incredible course. He is the father of Visual Basic. He is an inventor and co-founder of Cooper. Teresa Brazen and Sanskriti Ayyar are the other two consultants coaches that will help you learn design thinking faster and better.

Through out the project you will learn how to create better customer experience and will practice design thinking by building a real time project.

This is a great program that is aimed at people who are interested in the topic but have never had any experience with it.

Who is the target audience?

  • Students who want to enhance their knowledge and understanding in the topic
  • People who want to enhance their existing knowledge


  • Be passionate to better serve your customer and understand their needs
  • A computer to follow the online course
  • A notebook, pen etc


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