Poi Dancing: The Beginner Series

Learn and master the fundamentals of Poi Dancing with Nick Woolsey


Learn and master the fundamentals of poi with Nick Woolsey


What Will I Learn?
  • play freely and confidently with all the basic moves of poi spinning


  • For this course you will need a set of soft practice poi, plus a way to watch the videos where you have enough space to follow the lessons



Join renowned poi-teacher Nick Woolsey for a 12-section poi course! This is your chance to learn and master all the basic moves and transitions of poi!

Each section of the course will include 12-20 videos, guiding you through Nick’s proven step-by-step system of learning poi. The lessons will cover all the basic moves of poi such as weaves, windmills, butterfly patterns, buzzsaws, corkscrews, and fountains, along with lots of tips on how to master them to build turns, sequences, and transitions.

For those of you who already know some moves, this course is a great way to deepen your control of planes, rhythm, and freedom of movement, and to discover and learn all the moves missing from your poi movement vocabulary.


Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for complete beginners, or those who know some of the basic moves, but still can’t dance freely with poi.


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