WordPress CMS Platform. Overview of the Content Management System WordPress CMS

Whether you’re simply getting you business started and you remain learning how exactly to improve your online existence or you experienced a website for some time and you simply aren’t pleased with it, you might have heard about WordPress CMS and may be wondering what WordPress CMS is. To put it simply WordPress CMS is a blog platform utilized for building websites and sites. It gives you a highly customizable interface. WordPress CMS powers an incredible number of websites worldwide. Several big brands make use of the WordPress CMS platform: CNN, PlayStation, NY Times Sites, People Magazine, and actually Ford- each of them use WordPress CMS! Pretty amazing set of users, if its sufficient for the big guys, its sufficient for your website too. Still not convinced?!? Here’s my TOP 9 reasons why WordPress CMS:

WordPress Isn’t Going Anywhere. It Improves Every Day!

WordPress CMS has taken the globe like a storm – by August 2011, “14.7% of the very best millions of sites in the world” are powered by WordPress CMS. WordPress CMS is frequently praised by web site designers and users alike because of its ease-of-use. That’s why it is becoming so popular, and just why its growth simply maintains on acceleration. I really like statistics, so here is more of it: 2 yrs ago, WordPress CMS was utilized by around 8.5% of the very best million websites in the world. The jump from 8.5% to 14.7% in a single year alone speaks a lot for the popularity of WordPress CMS and just how much people like this platform!

”By August 2011 WordPress CMS powers 22% of most new websites.” – Rao, Leena (19 August 2011).

“WordPress CMS Right now Powers 22 % Of the new energetic Websites In The U.S.”. TechCrunch

In the 2017 it’s estimated that over 46% of the web presence is ran on WordPress CMS platform.

WordPress CMS Is No More Just For Blogging

In the past, when someone said WordPress, everyone automatically considered blogging. While it continues to be the very best platform to make use of, for blogging, it offers quite a lot and has turned into a very comprehensive Content Management System, utilized to power many types of sites including business sites etc.

WordPress Is Free!
It’s expensive to possess a custom made CMS developed per your needs that could carry out a similar thing that WordPress does. WordPress is free to download and use? There is no reinventing the wheel. It’s easy to customize it too. WordPress comes with a handy feature to install plugins. The plugins are usually free as well but there are paid plugins either.

WordPress Is A Flexible System

A great thing on the subject of WordPress is, as We mentioned above, that it is completely open source. Often, this is not necessary, but it additionally implies that any plugins and templates designed for the system are also open resource. Imagine a world-wide community operating together to include more features and features to WordPress. You’re not limited to just having the ability to use specific workers or developers to create customization, this means it’s a robust CMS system prepared to do the thing you need it to, it’s versatile, and simple to customize.

WordPress Is SEO Optimized

Search engines such as for example Google highly respect WordPress since it uses well-written code. If you are seeking to get started with SEO, WordPress is the strategy to use for your site and blog. While I am on this issue, adding fresh relevant content material to your website is simple with WordPress which is definitely highly recommended in your online marketing technique.

WordPress Offers Less Expensive Premium Themes

Themes are what provide great appearance of WordPress or the front design of the site. WordPress is quite versatile and adaptable. While there are several very good free themes, usually you can find that for $70 bucks your can purchase a nice premium themes which are worth to use. Most of them need minimal customization!

WordPress Helps You With Its Easiness As A Solution

Plugins are basically add-ons which can be easily installed from within the dashboard. Non-programmers could do it by simply uploading the right plugin. If you want a particular feature or features that aren’t built-in, there are actually thousands of plugins which are open so that you can enhance your WordPress efficiently.

WordPress Is Supported By A Worldwide Recognized Community

We already mentioned that, WordPress is open-source. Hence, there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who are participating to help with making it better. You will see WordPress has an extremely actively supported world-wide community of WordPress designers, and programmers. WordPress is certainly updated frequently, with new features, bug fixes, and protection fixes. Also, since there is such a big community any developer could work on a WordPress-centered site, make adjustments, etc. It really doesn’t matter if you replace you existing developer or designer as the platform is very flexible and the community is always here to help.

WordPress Is Simple To Use

The best thing about WordPress is its simplicity to use and setup. You don’t need to be a genius to figure out how to make use of WordPress. It is possible to easily update the content on your WordPress site as well as update the platform itself. Usually that’s done automatically. You don’t need to be a web developer to update your articles. That is the magic of WordPress! Beyond editing articles, WordPress gives a backend administrator user interface that’s visually simple to operate and incredibly effective. Everything is structured in a logical way, so it is easy to find everything you are searching for, weather it really is adding/editing a full page, Adding/editing a post or content, uploading images, controlling users, etc. WordPress may be the best Content Administration System to make use of to build your site!


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