Arduino is the world’s leading open-source hardware and software ecosystem. The team provides you with software tools, hardware including documentation. It’s on you to be creative. Lately there’s a lot of noise about IoT or internet of things. Arduino fits in that scenario perfectly. There’re thousands of engineers, designers, enthusiasts, students, developers etc, that work with Arduino. They all innovate smart solutions in smart homes, self-driving vehicles, farming and a lot more.

This step by step online course for Arduino will help you start creating widgets. These widgets could communicate with each other. They could move or do some interaction, detect something, measure and get results and a lot more.


Create Arduino gadgets that can communicate, move, interact, measure and detect


Arduino course description

You’ll study and learn various Arduino concepts. You will enrich your knowledge deeply with this comprehensive online course.

There are thousands of people currently enrolled in this course. That just proves the reliability and the quality of the course.

This is your path to a career in science, engineering and technology. Release your creativity and build something that you will be proud of.

The course consists of 40 sections and over 250 lessons with over 30 hours of video content. The course is created systematically so that you can grasp the knowledge step by step.

Each topic contains:

  • multiple examples of code
  • wiring schematics
  • demonstrations of a completed circuit
  • alternative scenarios

Peter, is the instructor, and designer of this course. He walks you through everything with simplicity so that you can understand everything.

Some of the topics

  • Motion, position and GPS sensors
  • Innovative way to get inputs from keypads, potentionmeters, encoders…
  • Use of touch colors screens to display information
  • Configure LED, monochrome or color
  • Understand LED strips, display text, graphics and animation
  • Understand motion and how it works. Create motion with controllers and step motors
  • Networking with Ethernet and WiFi
  • and a lot more…

This course however doesn’t teach you things like how to use the Arduino IDE, blink an LED or simple circuit creation.

What Will I Learn?

  • The Arduino provides you with technologies such as Wi-Fi, BLE and Radio communication technologies
  • You can connects well with controllers thus you can use servo, dc and stepper motors for interaction
  • SD Card data storage and EEPROM
  • Learn how to minimize memory, reduce power consumption. Increase performance


  • Basic understanding in Arduino but not necessary
  • You would need a multimeter, some breadboard wires
  • Arduino Uno board


Should you join right now?

The author suggests that you watch the free lectures in the first section. This way you will come to understand if you need this course and what the course discusses.

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