Unit Testing

Unit testing is a great online course that is a must for every .NET developer. This course will guide you through the unit testing with c# by using NUnit and Moq. You will learn everything about dependency injection.

Learn how unit testing helps you release better quality software with fewer bugs


What Will I Learn?

  • Automated unit testing is something that every programmer in .NET should master
  • Get to know the tools for automated tests
  • Understand how unit tests work and write MSTest and NUnit
  • Write unit tests in Visual Studio


  • The instructor guides you through every and unit test. Some similarity with programming required to better understand the concept.


Writing unit tests is very important at the stage of the development of a modern software projects. Software engineers write a lot of code and frankly in most of the cases that code produces many bugs. Unit testing on the other side stands to discover those bugs and to suggest a corrective action for improvement.

Writing unit tests is a must especially on big and important software engineering projects. In our case the online course unit testing teaches you how it’s done in the .net programming world with c# programming language.

Why learn unit testing?

Most of the software developers tend to believe that unit tests is just writing more code for nothing. However, they’re mistaken. In most of the cases bugs are found only through unit testing.


There’re many articles out there that discuss abut bugs and how they should be treated. Experienced unit testers suggest that the software is tested during the development stage. The later the bug is discovered the worse it gets in the software development lifecycle. If a bug is discovered later in the development it also brings more expenses to the development company.

That’s why automated tests help in the earlier stages of the software development.

Who is the target audience?

  • The course teaches you to write unit tests in the c# programming language


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