How to develop and market apps to companies: your hands-on guide to this rewarding and profitable career


How to develop and market apps to companies: your hands-on guide to this rewarding and profitable career


What Will I Learn?
  • Build a fully functioning app that you could sell to businesses
  • Develop a marketing strategy for your apps that will reach your target audience
  • Launch your app on the app store and choose the right price and e-commerce option for your business
  • Master the essentials of web-based and web view apps, including creating mobile optimized responsive websites, login and user management systems, app icons, UX, and more!


  • This course is geared for iOS; you will need access to a Mac for part of the course.



Welcome to ‘Start Your Own App Business in 2 Weeks’!

This is your A-Z guide to launching your own app development agency with the aim of selling custom apps to businesses.

This course is for you if:

– You’ve never built an app before but want to jump into the world of app development (but don’t have months or years to learn!) by starting your own app development agency

– You have built apps before but haven’t had success in selling or marketing them and want to turn your skills into a profitable business

This is a project based course: by the end, you will have created a fully functioning app that you could sell to potential clients in as little as 2 weeks! Creating this app in the project will not only give you development experience, it will also leave you with a finished product that can be sold to businesses.

Life as a solopreneur app developer is incredibly rewarding, which is why I am passionate about teaching people how they can embark on this exciting and profitable career path. I want to teach you the steps that will help you achieve your goal of having your own app development agency – even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life!

There are three major benefits that you will get from this course:
– You will gain the knowledge required to run your own profitable app agency
– You will learn, through hands-on experience, how to develop an app
– You will be able to find your target app audience and understand how to market and sell to them

This course will NOT teach you how to create the next Angry Birds. What it will do is give you a roadmap for starting up an app development company that targets businesses, not consumers. Why? Because that is the target market that will provide you with the highest chance for achieving a profitable and reliable revenue source. Developing custom apps for businesses is a far better option than attempting to compete in the over-saturated consumer app market. This is because apps have the potential to save or make businesses huge amounts of money. If you can deliver these results to businesses through your apps, then you’ll have a very profitable business.

But it’s not enough simply to be able to develop a great app that will save businesses money. You also need to understand marketing, sales and how to reach out to new clients. That’s why my instruction will navigate you through the world of pricing and how you are going to sell your app to potential clients. I’ll be covering e-commerce options,  subscription models, creating automated systems to sign on new clients, take payment from them and send them invoices, and more. To help you get noticed and convert leads into clients, we’ll be looking at successful LinkedIn, Facebook and email marketing strategies.

You will finish the course with a high quality app as well as the tools and know how to actually get that app out in front of thousands of people.

Running your own app development agency gives you incredible professional freedom, flexibility and satisfaction. My hope for you is that this course will help you to take your career to new heights.

Just Take A Look At What Students Are Saying…

★★★★★ “This is inspiring and so easy to understand!” – Kelli Davis 

★★★★★ “Great business production idea….able to get started making money right away with simple, easy to use steps” – Sara Aldridge

★★★★★ “Thomas has put together an easy to follow, comprehensive list of activities within this course to actually allow you to achieve your goals – with an amazing step-by-step app example that will blow you away“- Edward Cox

In this course you will learn:

– How to start a profitable app development agency
– What mistakes to avoid in starting to develop apps
– Mobile Optimised Responsive Websites
– Login & User Management Systems
– How to submit apps to the App Store
– Modern digital marketing techniques specifically for apps


Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners who have never written a line of code
  • App developers with apps on the App Store but want to know how to have a profitable app development agency!


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