Writing With Flair 2.0: How To Become An Exceptional Writer

Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor Teaches How To Make Your Blogs, Books & Business Writing Sparkle


Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor Teaches How To Make Your Blogs, Books & Business Writing Sparkle


What Will I Learn?
  • You will dramatically improve the quality of your writing in as little as days or weeks
  • Your writing will stand out from peers, colleagues and competitors
  • Your blogs will look more slick and professional


  • A notepad and pen, or computer, for writing exercises


  • The latest edition of one of online most popular courses of all time
  • Taught by an ex-Wall Street Journal editor and former contributor to The EconomistFinancial Times and Bloomberg News
  • Shani Raja has trained top journalists in the craft of writing
  • More than 160,000 students are enrolled in his online courses

“Phenomenal course…” — DAN BALLMER,  STUDENT

“Great insights…” — ANGELY MANUEL,  STUDENT

“Sharp and clear…” — JAMES MORRIS, STUDENT

“Groundbreaking…” — MAXIM VOROSHILOV,  STUDENT


How would you like to write with the style and flair of editors on newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and The Economist

What if you knew the tricks of the trade that make the writing of such accomplished journalists sparkle?

What could knowing their secrets do for your essays, business writing, books and blog posts?

Welcome to the latest edition of Shani Raja’s flagship course, Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer,Bestselling online writing program, where you will discover a powerful framework that will change forever the way you write.

In the course, Shani will teach you how to enhance your writing massively by focusing on just four key elements: simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocativeness.

It is a unique writing framework that he’s used to train prominent journalists in top news organisations, including Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal.

These eternal writing principles are now available to you to help magically empower your blogs, essays, books, business writing, or any other type of nonfiction prose.

“A true behind-the-scenes look at how exceptional writing is crafted, edited and polished” — SCOTT RALSTON, STUDENT

“I’ve taken many, many writing courses which often rehash the same widely-known techniques, but this course has new and valuable information…” — DIMITRA CLARK, STUDENT

“I’ve read many books on writing, but this teacher cuts through everything to the heart of excellent writing. It’s the best course of its type that I’ve seen…” — MICHELLE BULLAS, STUDENT

“Learned more from Shani about the art of writing than I ever did at school… I have the attention span of a fly but I was hooked right until the end…” — NIC JONES, STUDENT

“Improved my technique exponentially…” — NESTOR ARMSTRONG, STUDENT

“Unravels the problems many of us face when writing…” — STEPHEN,  STUDENT 

“Saw a noticeable difference in the length of time visitors stayed on my blog…” — PREM KUMAR, STUDENT

“Carries the weight and authority of experience…” — SEAN COOK, STUDENT 

“Simple, clear, elegant and evocative…”  CLIFTON ZHUO, STUDENT

“His experience as a writer as well as a teacher shines through…”  — NAINA MERETE HOLSVE, STUDENT

“Writing is no longer uncertain, confusing and ambiguous for me…”   RUDYARD VON, STUDENT

“Can see why this instructor’s course is a bestseller…” — ANNEGRET HERGERT, STUDENT

“Tremendous value…” — ELLIOT FINK, STUDENT


Discover the “secret sauce” of exceptional writing

The original Writing With Flair quickly rose to become one of Udemy’s most popular courses with more than 62,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews. It has been featured in Time and Business Insider.

In this enhanced and expanded version of the course you’ll discover, in a better designed and produced format, the “secret sauce” of exceptional writing that the former Wall Street Journal editor has taught to tens of thousands of aspiring elite writers.

You’ll learn that you only need to apply these four ingredients to make your writing sizzle:

  • Simplicity
  • Clarity
  • Elegance
  • Evocativeness

Those four qualities are enough to transform slow, dull, fuzzy and clunky prose into writing that’s punchy, crisp, graceful and stimulating.

You’ll discover how to optimise each ingredient so you can effortlessly transform humdrum writing into something extraordinary every time.

Join the tens of thousands of students who’ve invested in discovering these powerful writing secrets from an editor who has taught some of the world’s best journalists how to write better.

You’ll learn many advanced writing tactics like how to:

  • Connect deeply with your audience
  • Write in plain, punchy language
  • Steer clear of weak and redundant words
  • Avoid pointless complexity
  • Stop yourself rambling
  • Avoid repeating yourself
  • Eliminate needless distractions
  • Recognise “fuzzy” or incomplete ideas
  • Prevent readers’ minds going blank
  • Chop away sentence clutter
  • Avoid soul-killing jargon and clichés
  • Recognise filler and hedging words
  • Make crisp distinctions between contrasting ideas
  • Avoid mixing up time elements
  • Use words like “it,” “they,” “this and “that” more strategically
  • Maintain consistency throughout a piece of writing
  • Present your written work ultra-professionally
  • Avoid inelegant “word echoes”
  • Keep sentences neat and parallel
  • Create a beautiful, flowing narrative
  • Eradicate ambiguity
  • Place “modifying” words carefully
  • Avoid “curly” writing
  • Create rhythm
  • Compose elegant transitions
  • Create pretty paragraphs
  • Integrate stray points into a narrative
  • Add variety and freshness to sentences
  • Recognise the passive voice
  • Create vivid imagery in your writing
  • Give voice and character to your prose

“There are twenty courses in my  folder, of which seventeen are in some genre of writing. Eight of those courses are Shani’s, and I’ve learned more from those than from all the others combined…”  –— SCOTT RALSTON, STUDENT 

“If Shani Raja was a baseball player, he hit the ball out of the park with Writing With Flair 2.0. The curriculum, into which he obviously poured years of successful writing and editing know how, is comprehensive, engaging and experiential…” — JEAN, STUDENT

Is sloppy writing killing your progress?

Good writing isn’t just another nice-to-have skill.

It’s one of the most important you need for conveying a professional image at work, landing a high-profile job, or getting noticed online.

But while plenty of people can write, few are able to do so with style and flair of top journalists, who know heaps of tricks and tactics to make their writing rise above the ordinary.

You’re going to discover their secrets in this newly expanded program. Afterwards, you’ll realise it’s always been as easy as understanding a few key principles and applying them.

By the end of the course, you’ll know exactly how to give your writing a polish you never thought was possible and that may mesmerise peers, colleagues and competitors.

Knowing these elite writing skills will help:

  • Make your business correspondence shine
  • Make sales prospects instantly “get” your product
  • Make your marketing copy resonate
  • Attract more loyal readers to your blogs and books
  • Get more clicks (and conversions) on your website
  • Get your resume to the top of the must-see interview pile
  • Make your essays the slickest in your class 

Slick writing may change your life

To make a mark in any field, you need to be able to do what most people can’t: write with punchiness, precision, poise and style.

On the flip side, lacklustre writing can hold back your career, dent your company’s image, and prevent your books or blogs from getting traction.

Brilliant writing also marks you out as a smart thinker with the ability to succeed as an employee, business owner or thought leader in your field.

A well composed cover letter, for instance, can say everything about the type of person you are and your potential,

Strong business writing, in everything from reports to emails, can bolster your reputation at work and help you impress clients.

Beautifully written blogs have a better chance of rising above the noise on the internet.

How might your prospects improve, then, if everything you wrote had the gracefulness and elegance of prose you might find in, say, The Economist?

Very few people are able to write with the finesse of top journalists, who are trained to weed out fluff from their writing and to make it sharp and stimulating every time.

This is a unique chance to discover how they do their magic and to make your writing sizzle by incorporating their tactics.

These elite writing techniques will almost miraculously enhance your cover letters, press releases, marketing copy and sales emails. Your blogs and e-books will become a thousand times more crisp and lively.

So, why a new edition?

The original Writing With Flair was released five years prior and quickly became a classic in the field of online writing training. It continues to inspire praise from satisfied Udemy students…

“Simply amazing class…” — SONIE SANDHU,  STUDENT

“Better than any course I took in college…” — ANNA TIERNEY,  STUDENT

“Blown away by quality of material…” — TRISTAN DONOFRIO,  STUDENT

“Great look into the mindset of a higher level writer…” — BRAM BARBER,  STUDENT

“The caliber of instruction one might receive from a traditional university…” — DAVID NICHOLAS TAYLOR,  STUDENT

This totally re-filmed and revamped course carries the best content over from the vintage edition, while adding a ton of new material, making it close to double the length of the original course.

The first edition revealed just three of the secret sauce ingredients: simplicity, clarity and elegance.

Exclusively in this second edition…

  • Learn all about evocativeness, a fourth ingredient that can add heaps of flavour to your writing
  • Get countless fresh tactics for boosting the original three ingredients, simplicity, clarity and elegance
  • Receive guidance on how to masterfully balance the ingredients to create an enchanting “beauty” in your writing
  • Gain more insight into the core values and mindset of an outstanding writer
  • Discover more examples and exercises to lock in your learning
  • Encounter an improved teaching framework
  • Be treated to enhanced video/audio quality

Getting to know evocativeness in all its depth and complexity will help lift your prose to a place that will astound and mystify your audience.

It’s the special ingredient that makes already simple, clear and elegant writing also highly stimulating.

You’ll discover in this newly minted section how to add flavour to your prose by incorporating powerful evocativeness concepts such as variety, imagery, character, drama and tone. The result will be a more refined style of writing that will leave your audiences awestruck.

But the best part is that after completing Writing With Flair 2.0, you won’t just know the ingredients that go into making writing outstanding. You’ll know how to apply the “secret sauce” with the flamboyance of a master chef.

Many more fresh tactics

This vastly expanded edition also gives you a bunch of extra tactics for boosting simplicity, clarity and elegance..

And it more fully explains the nuances surrounding each of the ingredients, so students can apply the “secret sauce” more confidently.

Rediscover a love of writing

If you’ve hated writing, or found it difficult, there’s a good chance you’ll leave this course with a new appreciation for what might have seemed before like a mysterious process.

Better than that, you’ll discover a newfound joy for sculpting your prose to an immaculate standard.

You’ll emerge from the program as an artist: a thoughtful designer of words, sentences and narratives.

If you apply yourself well, you won’t fail to emerge from this course a better writer.

In case there’s any doubt about the quality of the teaching you’re about to receive, here’s some more praise for the classic edition…

I had been looking everywhere for ways to sharpen my writing. I bought books, visited websites, watched videos and gradually improved but it was not enough. My writing lacked polish. Shani’s course is empowering. I came away with a number of principles and methods that allow me to see the weaknesses in my work and then make immediate improvements. I’ve taken the lessons and made many improvements to my work. What seemed like work before is now pleasurable. I have a new outlook on writing…” — HARBANS, STUDENT

“I’ve read plenty of books on writing, sat endless hours analyzing my professors’ red-ink markups, read plenty famous texts, and still my writing progressed in small bursts. No more of that. This class gives you the eagle eye mentality to understand the details, the big picture and make sense of the process. I honestly believe this class will take my writing to a higher level…” — ROBERTO1, STUDENT

The best editors on the planet

Writing With Flair uses teaching methods that Shani perfected as a writing coach at The Wall Street Journal.

A key part of this new version of the course covers the mindset of a standout writer.

The lectures in this section will encourage you to write with integrity, to care deeply for your readers, and to approach your work with a strong awareness of your intent.

The new course also has many more, and much better, examples and exercises that will help to apply every technique with greater confidence.

The production values, including sound and visual quality, have also been greatly improved.

So, don’t let pass this once-in-an-age opportunity to get the highest quality training from someone who has edited hundreds of stories for millions of global readers.


Who is the target audience?
  • Corporate writers
  • Communications professionals
  • Marketing executives
  • Government and nongovernment agencies
  • College and university students
  • Blog writers
  • Job hunters
  • Journalists
  • Small, medium and large businesses
  • Book writers
  • Bloggers
  • Authors


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