TensorFlow and why you should take this online course

TensorFlow is the famous google’s deep learning framework. The TensorFlow works with Python programming language. Learn deep learning with Python and TensorFlow and solve various of problems very easy.

What Will I Learn?

  • Study Neural Networks and understand how they work
  • Learn how to build your own neural network
  • Understand classification and regression tasks
  • Solve problems with AutoEncoders
  • Understand reinforcement wit OpenAI Gym
  • Study and create generative adversarial networks
  • All of that will help you become a Depp Learning expert


  • It’s great if you have had previous basic programming knowledge
  • Some mathematics knowledge required (nothing scary :))


Learn how to effectively use the google’s framework for deep learning. Understand how neural network works and build your own. Become a guru in deep learning. Start basic and grow to an expert in the field.

The instructor has really put together a valuable material of lessons and exercises to teach you the new skills.

Topics covered

  • Learn Neural Networks
  • Understand Artificial Neural networks
  • Study Neural Network Basics and Recurent Neural Networks
  • Understand Reinforcement learning, OpenAI Gym
  • AutoEncoders

Why Use TensorFlow?

If you search about deep learning you’ll come to understand that there are many deep learning frameworks. The platform is open source software constantly updated and upgraded by the community. The framework introduces complex numerical computation. The framework is used by many 500 fortune companies all over the world. AirBnb, DropBox, Snapchat, Twitter, Uber, SAP, Google, Intel and many others use it successfully.

Study machine learning and become an expert in the field.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone wanting to learn the latest Deep Learning Technologies with TensorFlow framework

If you do a search on the search engines you will come to understand that machine learning is quickly becoming the future in neural networks. Don’t be left behind and learn everything you need to know about this technology.


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