Data Analysis, Visualization by utilizing the Python programming language

Data Analysis, Visualization or data science is among the most discussed topics in 2018. If you look at the job market these days there are a lot of positions for Data Analysis and Visualization. Once of the most used language to for data analysis and visualization is the Python programming language. The subject online course is very well put together and teaches you about this topics.

The course consists of sections on how to use and learn python programming language to data analysis, visualization and present data. The course also provides you with sample code examples and many hours of video lessons.


Learn python and how to use it to analyze,visualize and present data. Includes tons of sample code and hours of video


What Will I Learn?

  • The course will teach you Python programming
  • Understand how to use the Python programming language. Use the Jupyter Notebook Environment to explore Python
  • Learn and understand how to deal with arrays by utilizing the great numpy library
  • Understand how structured data works. Use the pandas module with Python for data structures
  • Work with different file formats in python by using JSON, HTML and Microsoft Excel
  • At the end you will end up building a portfolio of various data analysis projects



  • To succesfully explore the course you may need basic math skills
  • Some knowledge of the Python programming language might be great
  • You need a computer Mac, Windows, or Linux
  • Great passion to learn!

The Author

The author is well know Data Scientist and has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University. He also has years of experience as a professional instructor and trainer for Data Science and programming.

Featured Review

“This course is pretty straight forward. Things might seem a little fuzzy at the beginning, but as soon as you start applying the concepts into the projects, it all comes together. Now I feel confident enough to start my own data projects.

Who is the target audience?

  • If you have a passion about the Python programming language, data science and data visualization then you’re at the right place




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