Developing a Financial Mobile App is not easy, especially if we’re going to do it for multiple mobile platforms. For the purposes of demonstrating building such financial mobile app, I have been wondering where to find a great design to start with but have stopped looking, when I found SketchAppSources which is a valuable source for free mobile app designs.

I am going to use one of their many free mobile app designs in order to further showcase the front-end programming structure of building such app.

I have already made up my mind and have chosen a great looking financial mobile app design. The design features few art-boards and I’m going to work on every and each one of them, showcasing the code for every and each element of the financial mobile app design for Android Studio, xCode Swift. It won’t be easy to complete, however it will be interesting to see the app in action at the end.

The resources and code could be used on your side to further inspire you to develop your own financial mobile app or to learn some coding techniques which I am going to present here in this article.

Learning through example is the best known method to learn programming based on my opinion.

The fact that, I’m going to be producing code for Android Studio, xCode Swift makes it even better for you to master all the these programming languages in action. You can use the code for your own purposes or further enhancement in your career as a mobile app developer.

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