HTML Attributes

An HTML element could have one or more attributes. Attributes are used to enrich the element functionality.

Let’s examine the following link element

In this case the href is an attribute.

The image element.

We can clearly see that there are extra things under the <img> element. The image element is enriched by the width and the height. Also, the alt attribute too.

We can also add another attribute here and that is the alt=’alt attribute’ to the image.

HTML Attributes could be used in combination with double quote  or single quote

Attributes are also used to enrich the HTML webpage itself too. In our case we can specify the language being used within the coding structure by simply adding this line of code;

That simply tells the webpage that we use United States English language. This could be UK English, German, etc

Paragraph has a title attribute which is sort of like a tool tip’

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