HTML Quotations element <q>

Let’s say we have the following text under a paragraph.

The right way to do the quotes is by using the quotation element <q>

HTML Quotations element

<blockquote> element quotes a section from another source

This could be a URL address

HTML Quotations element

<abbr> Abbreviations elements for search engines

The <abbr> element gives information to the search engines while this is hidden for whoever is reading the web content.

HTML Quotations element

<address> element

The element simply defines an address

HTML Quotations element

<cite> element for citing

If you’d like to cite on a text then the right way to do it is by using the <cite> element

<bdo> Mirror text

Have you ever wanted to mirror text or to have it written the other way around? If that’s the case then you need to use the <bdo> element. For that purpose you’d need to use the dir=’rtl’ right to left attribute

HTML Quotations element

We learned the following HTML elements for quotation and citation


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