Month: March 2018

Angular (Full App) with Angular Material, Angularfire & NgRx

Angular App with Angular Material, Angularfire & NgRx AngularJS is one of the greatest javascript libraries for front end development. You can create great Angular apps just by applying the skills that you can learn by taking this great online course. When AngularJS combined with Angular Material, Angularfire and NgRx you can really build a real Angular app. What Will I Learn? At the end of this course you will be able to build an amazing Angular app by utilizing modern tools like Material, NgRx and Angularfire You will be also able to build any type of Angular app,...

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Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects

Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects Master the latest version of Bootstrap (4.0.0 Beta) and build 5 real world themes while learning HTML5 semantics & CSS3 What Will I Learn? Learn and create amazing high quality Bootstrap 4 themes and UIs from scratch Learn the Bootstrap 4 utilities, classes, components & JS widgets using a custom sandbox environment Create a professional workflow & dev server to build from source and compile Sass Requirements You should have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS You do NOT need to know any Bootstrap 3 Description This course will literally take you...

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GraphQL with React: The Complete Developers Guide

GraphQL with React: The Complete GraphQL Developers Guide Learn and master GraphQL by building real web apps with React and Node   What Will I Learn? Build amazing single page applications with React JS and GraphQL Master fundamental concepts behind structuring GraphQL servers Realize the power of building flexible data schemas Be the engineer who explains how GraphQL works to everyone else, because you know the fundamentals so well Become fluent in the ecosystem supporting GraphQL, including the differences between Apollo and Relay   Requirements Familiarity with React   Description Note: This course assumes you are familiar with React!...

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Build an app with ASPNET Core and Angular from scratch

Build an app with ASPNET Core and Angular from scratch A practical example of how to build an application with ASP.NET Core WebAPI (v2) and Angular (v5) from start to finish What Will I Learn? Learn how to build a web application from start to publishing using ASPNET Core (v2.0), Entity Framework Core and Angular (v5) Students who complete this course will have a practical understanding of Angular and ASPNET Core Understand how to structure an Angular application using best practices Learn how to integrate 3rd party components into the Angular application Use Visual Studio code effectively to improve...

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The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course

The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course Learn Excel VBA from scratch with Dan Strong! I’ve trained over 120K students on YouTube and U-demy, check it out   What Will I Learn? Automate and Customize data entry forms Choose the right Loop for each task Master the CELLS and RANGE objects in multiple scenarios Create multiple Variable styles to match your need Customize your VBA Editor and Understand all the Toolbars and options Debug and Troubleshoot code like a boss! Record, Modify or Write Macros from scratch Make Custom Formulas/Functions on the fly Breeze through IF THEN statements and conquer all...

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