Master the art of probiotic nutrition for better digestion, immunity & longevity

Fermented Foods Mastery


What Will I Learn?
  • safely create fermented foods
  • confidently create their own recipes of fermented foods
  • become well-versed in probiotic nutrition
  • confidently implement fermented foods into the diet


  • Have a basic culinary understanding



TV Presenter, Exercise & Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Health Writer Kale Brock takes you through the fundamentals of probiotic nutrition, and teaches you how to implement the power of fermented foods into your life! In powerful video, audio and document format, Kale covers everything you need to know about fermenting foods!!

Included in this course

– fundamental principles of fermentation

– safety measures for safely feeding your family probiotic foods

– stunning, delicious fermented food recipes such as Kombucha, Kefir, Sauerkraut, KimChi, Coconut Yoghurt & more!

– checklists, shopping lists, Fact Sheets & more

– A FREE copy of The Art Of Probiotic Nutrition Ebook

– Ongoing support through our exclusive Facebook group

Enjoy Fermented Food Mastery with Kale Brock!


Who is the target audience?
  • Open, enthusiastic students
  • People who like to simplify the often complicated message of fermented foods
  • Those interested in sharing probiotic foods with their families


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