Gut Healing Protocol Online Course

An 8 Week, Holistic Program For You To Re-balance Your Gut

What Will I Learn?
  • Apply an effective gut healing program without missing out on life!
  • Tailor a gut healing program to suit their unique body!
  • Students should be ready to listen to their body – a very basic understanding of nutrition may help.

The GHP Online Program with gut-health researcher Kale Brock is a holistic, 8 week kickstarter program for you to rebalance your gut health. By doing so you’ll optimise your immune system, digestion & weight management.

This comprehensive, gentle, relaxed approach to discovering gut health has seen thousands of individuals achieve abundant energy levels, glowing skin & clarity of mind.

Through easy to follow video content with a sound scientific basis, participants are educated on the foundational underpinnings of the gut & microbiome. We delve into the history of antibiotics & their effects on the human microbiome, the various methods used by practitioners the world over to heal the gut & most importantly we outline the steps required to begin re-establishing strong gut health including video demonstrations on how to make gut-nourishing foods.

Receive shopping lists & recipes & even an optional 8-week email flow to help you as you go through the protocol itself.

Quizzes are included in the course for you to test your knowledge of the gut & to solidify points made throughout lectures. Students also receive a downloadable copy of The Gut Healing Protocol book by Kale Brock.

Helpful links to studies, product resources, podcasts & more are provided.

And of course we’re here to help – students can post questions in the student forum & we’ll help out as soon as we can!

Here’s what Taela experienced on the GHP!

“I was experiencing terrible pains in my stomach as well as bloating, and I was struggling with constant fatigue. I knew I had to change my lifestyle but I had no idea where to start since I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong.  I was introduced to Kale Brock’s Gut Healing Protocol. I was scared but I decided to give it a shot. As I discovered, coupling the Gut Healing Protocol with my exercise programs for 12 weeks, my whole life changed dramatically. I noticed in a very short amount of time that my mind was improving as well as my body image! Since finishing the gut cleanse I have no desire to go back to how I was eating beforehand because I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been!

There has never been a better time to look after yourself – rediscover your vitality & wellness by starting The Gut Healing Protocol today!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for the person who needs a little extra help on their gut healing journey!
  • This course is for the student who wants to learn more about the gut & microbiome!

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