A Transformational Dietary Makeover for Weight Loss & Health

A comprehensive-cutting edge audio, visual and text driven coaching dietary makeover for Raw, Cooked & Cultured Foods

What Will I Learn?
  • Watch unwanted pounds melt away without going hungry!
  • Create radiantly beautiful skin!
  • Have the flat stomach you always wanted!
  • Enjoy abundant energy and deep sleeps!
  • Move again with flexible joints!
  • Create flowing digestion!
  • Enjoy a balanced emotional body and mental clarity!
  • This power packed  course is designed to help you incorporate a Dietary Makeover to last a Lifetime. By the end of this Transformational Dietary course, you will be a skilled raw food chef with knowledge and skills on how to mix raw and cooked together. You will have a thorough understanding the parts of raw foods that are essential for your diet and health. You will have a thorough understanding of how to get the best fats into your diet; fats that don’t make you fat, but actually aide you in weight loss. You will also learn the basics of cooking legumes and grains and incorporate some of the ancient traditions of healing herbs and spices. You will have the added skill of making your own fermented foods, which are essential to healthy gut health. You will know how to let go of dieting and begin nourishing. You will be empowered by becoming informed with cutting edge nutrition and culinary skills. Most importantly, you will know how to enjoy food like never before. You will learn how to make every bite count!

Feel and look your best with this 4-Week Transformational Dietary course designed to revolutionize your dietary practice.

This Transformational Dietary course will introduce you to a culinary system and dietary practice that will last you a lifetime.

Discover the secrets to staying slim, radiant and energized.

  • Learn how to combine RAW Living Foods with the best of Cooked Foods
  • Learn the incredible – not to be missed – digestive power of Cultured/Fermented Foods. Alleviate bloat and create flowing digestion.
  • Learn how to use healthy fats for beautiful skin, flexible joints, and luscious meals.
  • Learn ancient traditions of powerful healing foods to build strong immunity.
  • Learn how to keep it simple and nourish and please yourself with every bite.
  • Learn how to stop dieting and start living with knowledge, skills and freedom.

Hi, I am Chef Teton, and I am 68 years old. I have studied nutrition and the culinary arts for over 25 years. I have learned to transform every ailment that historically comes with aging. I have learned to keep slim and strong while enjoying excellent energy, beautiful skin, harmonious moods, sound sleep, flowing digestion and flexible joints.

In other words, I live in a body that works well!

I learned to do it and so can you. I will be your coach and guide you for 4 weeks with:

How to” Video Instruction: Learn how to soak, sprout, blend and dehydrate with my highly acclaimed instructional video series, divided and scheduled so that you can learn one step – one week at a time!

Award Winning Recipes: Included are all of my delicious recipes with, and without pictures, easy to view and easy to print.

Audio Recordings: Each week providing valuable little known facts about health, nutrition, and culinary shortcuts.

E-Book Articles: Providing the cutting edge “high points” about highly functional foods and healthy fats you will want in your body every day.

Week by Week: A winning formula breaking down the steps with instructions, recipes, pictures, audio, video, and shopping lists.

Resources: For traveling, purchasing equipment, specialty foods, and discounts.

Join Me Now!

After selling thousands of my Essential Cuisine DVD series I created this Transformational Dietary Course, which includes the entire Essential Cuisine DVD series plus much more, so that you can use the these culinary treasures to your advantage. It is a one stop shop designed to give you everything you need to set a new foundational diet for a lifetime.

The Transformational Dietary Course:

  • Combines the latest science in healthy nutrition, and ancient nutritional wisdom with innovative culinary methods.
  • Has deliciously nutritious, and affordable recipes.
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home.
  • The videos will provide you with “at home” instruction, along with audio recording, course curricula, directions, and fabulously simply recipes.
  • Have an outstanding diet and/or meal program that inspires optimal health for you body, mind and soul. This course will give you the skills and tools you need for lasting results.
  • Creates a Beautiful You, a Highly Functional You! A Healthy Body & Mind is Your Greatest Source of Wealth.
  • Covers the latest in nutrition, the basics of raw food, the best of cooked, and cultured/fermented foods as well – a treasure chest of lifestyle practices that get results for flowing digestion, beautiful skin, flexible joints and vital energy.
  • A mind body component empowering you toward achieving your goals and keeping positive and inspired will be included.
  • Homework will be assigned so you can implement new recipes, scheduling and shopping practices to create lasting benefits.

Testimonials about Chef Teton & The Dietary Makeover Course:

Hi Chef Teton,

What I loved about the course was interacting with CT and other like-minded people. The information has had a transforming effect on my diet and my relationship with food. It was nourishing on every level. The “how-to” conveyed by the DVDs was absolutely essential.. Having the recipes and shopping list ahead of time was essential too.

I also want to say that I love the Golden Elixer and the Carrot Tahini Dressing. They are so versatile. Chef Teton, your speech on “stewardship of the body” really made an impression on me. Also adding a few super foods (green juice, cultured veggies & kefir, healthy oils) into my diet has, in effect, crowded out some of the not so great things that I used to reach for. I like what is happening to my body as a result of these changes. Thank you so much for such a wonderful course.

Anne S., Wisconsin

“Chef Teton, Your DVDs should be mandatory for every dietitian, nutritionist and natural health practitioner! Each one contains essential information that can turn on the genes for optimum health and turn off the cycle of weight gain, degenerative disease, and serious illness. Watching hands-on food preparation of natural foods by a pro is the only way to master these kitchen cuisine secrets in a short period of time. And they’re so pleasant to watch. Your smiling face and professional style contributes greatly to their “addictiveness.” Now, when I’m in the kitchen, I think, “What would Chef Teton do?” and you gave me the courage to experiment more with raw and wholesome foods. Great recipes, too! I’m referring your DVD series to every patient and dear friend!”

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, Chiropractic physician (ret), M.S. Nutrition, Masters in Herbology

“Dear Susan,

I loved, loved, loved the course. I would be interested in taking anything you offered. Or any other CDs you might do in the future.

I thought the format was great. I have no suggestions of how to make it better.

I don’t know what I would have liked more of. I’ve made incredible changes. I now make my own cultured vegetables and eat them daily. Never in a million years would I have ever thought that would happen. Also I make cultured coconut milk and love it. I have incorporated sea vegetables into my diet on a regular basis. These are just some of the changes I have made because of this course.

Thank you for a fantastic Transformational Dietary course, Micki”

“When I became an herbalist, one of the courses was how to incorporate raw and wholesome foods into the diet. I loved that class, but over the years, wished I could find additional instruction so I didn’t have to re-invent the wheel (and have cooking disasters along the way). Your DVD series is exactly what I’ve been looking for and it is so much more than what I ever expected to find. It’s vibrant, it’s exciting, it’s real, and it’s full of tricks and tips to decrease the learning curve… After just the first DVD, I was experimenting in the kitchen again, and loving every minute of it! Thank you for all your hard work. This DVD series will change the health of America, one mouthful at a time.”

– Louisa Blackstone

“The Transformational Dietary course was beyond what I had expected it to be, so the value of the course went way beyond what my expectations were. I was hoping to get just a basic questions and answers for the course. Instead I got new thoughts and directions that I did not even think about. This course has gone way beyond what I was expecting.

I dropped 20 lbs so far without really trying, which is very interesting. Need to buy some new pants though.”

Darin, Vancouver

Dear Chef Teton,

The Dietary Makeover Course was great in that it allowed me a focused time frame to integrate into my daily routine some new techniques. I’m finally getting comfortable with healthy foods, that are alternative to what I have been eating and what has caused me weight gain. It is so valuable to learn about the food, read the recipes and see instruction. This way I could shop and actually “do it” and know how. I loved the cooking/preparation techniques – so helpful. This is a great cutting edge course that everyone who wants to eat healthier should take. Your life depends on it!

Mahalo Susan for putting it together. It has served me in many ways.

Chef Teton,

I must say that what I was able to accomplish was so worth the cost and then some. I learned things about how to consume vitamins and minerals. Using Sea Vegetables and where to find good sources of it.

This Transformational Dietary course for me was beyond what I had expected, so the value of the course went way beyond what my expectations were. I was hoping to get just a basic questions and answers for the course. Instead I got new thoughts and directions that I did not even think about. I did not realize how diverse the Raw Food industry really is and how it can change ones health for the better. There is a saying that says let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. I had found out I was diagnosed with Colitis and was hoping it would help with the foods I eat. Along the way I found out more things like the need to eliminate Wheat and processed Sugars out of my Kitchen, which I have and boy has this made a huge impact in my life. So this course has gone way beyond what I was expecting.

This Transformational Dietary  course served in that it presented new ideas and concepts and took me in new directions that I never even thought were possible or existed.

I have lost about 15 lbs, most of it was from the change in my eating and eliminating Wheat from my diet. The other day I had to put on a belt, which I was wearing pants I have not been able to where in over 2 years and now have to wear a belt with them.

I must say the direction that this course has taken me is different in many areas I would not have thought possible. This Transformational Dietary course is well worth the price and then some.

David Johnson, N.Dakota

And update from David Johnson a Colitis patient:

I did not tell you some of my side benefits I am getting, which is the Health Benefits I am getting. Going regular, which is great. The other aspect is that I do not have problems going up or down stairs now, which I was huffing and puffing at times. No more and no real difficulties now. Something did not feel right at times with breathing and that is gone. So some major side benefits of changing my diet to more of a Plant based diet. It is very interesting with certain people when you start to question the establishment with regards to what some of these big companies want you to be eating when you start to change. This was something I wanted to do, so maybe this was a blessing not a bad thing at all. I really believe things happen for a reason and mine not sure exactly yet, but I know I am on the right track where I am going.

Oh, I also lost 18 lbs so far without even trying, which is fantastic!

Thank you again,
David Johnson


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