Hi everyone,

My name is Darce Komper and I’m the founder and writter of onlinecourses.tech

The blog will give you information on how to start your own bloging business that will give you the freedom over time if followed some simple instructions. My model for starting sucess is as follows.

 1. Start your own blog or website

2. Get an email newsletter list

 3. Sell your own digital products or become an affiliate and sell products

In my past, I started few succesfull blogs which did pretty well. My background is programming so I used my knowledge to build great programming blogs which attracted hundreds of thousands of users. That helped me achieve my goal or to work from anywhere virtually because, I was able to sell my digital products to my audience.

I believe that the internet is huge and there’s something for everyone and that everyone should try it. That’s why I also started teaching blogging and how things should be done the right way. I learned from the best and I am ready to share that information.