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OnlineCourses.Tech is a blog that I’m especially proud of because since its creation which is been few months now, it has gained a lot of popularity.


  • Over 200 online courses (list is growing every day)
  • Various Specializations presented by the some of the best Universities in the world
  • Various Master programs presented by some of the best educators in the world
  • Number of blogs related to specific topics in the programming, project management, business etc.
  • The website is visited by more than 20 000 unique visitors per month. (the visitors list is growing every month)
  • Over 40 000 pageviews per month
  • Over 5 000 email subscribers (the email subscriber list is growing constantly)

Why Am I Doing It?

The fact that the IT is booming and the increased demand for IT specialists in the last few years, made me to believe that I should switch professions and move from my formal education in Mechanical Engineering into Computer Science or programming. My start was terrible back in the 2002, due to the lack of great tutorials, online courses and tech books. I had to dig in the dark for information and well-structured material.

I had this dream back then to become a programming professional. I thought that by learning programming, I’d be able to execute a contract software development jobs from start to finish for third party companies. It wasn’t easy, considering the path I took but it was well worth at the end. Fifteen years ago, it was difficult to start off in programming because technology wasn’t as advanced as today. The freelance world was almost unknown and it was difficult to get a job or a project. Today’s freelance websites such as Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer etc where just starting out or didn’t even exist!

In the last five years or since 2012 the demand for IT professionals have risen so much that the market can’t even fulfill those positions due to the lack of programming specialists. It seems that everyone is looking for some techy job to be done but “Who has the skills?”

Driven by my success in learning different programming technologies helped me make money on the freelance market in the past years. That’s the way I used to support my family and I still love it with passion!

After all these years, I was thinking that it’s a great idea to share my success, ideas and to let you know about these opportunities so that if you have a passion about techologies you start your own programming live path. You need to understand that these opportunities come with some efforts and you’d need the time to master some topics such as programming, front end development, back-end development, full stack development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Python, C#, .NET, Web development, WordPress CMS, Joomla, Open Cart etc

I did it successfully. Many others did it too and there’s no reason why you should not do it too! Jump in and start learning the new technologies. What you learn may become your future profession. Register at the freelance websites as a start or put your knowledge on your resume and start monetizing your knowledge.

There is tons of projects and jobs out there that’s waiting for someone to pick up. Just search for it on the search engines and you’ll see it for yourself. Techologies is the future and programming is part of it. Don’t miss it out!

I’ve gathered great online courses from some of the best publishers, which you can take free or for a small fee to master your skills.

Note: Upon purchase I do make some money out of it in the form of commision.

Get your IT profession in no time


Data Science Specialization

Launch Your Career in Data Science. A nine-course introduction to data science, developed and taught by leading professors     About This Specialization Ask the right questions, manipulate data sets, and create visualizations to communicate results. This...

read more

Deep Learning Specialization

Master Deep Learning, and Break into AL     About This Specialization If you want to break into AI, this Specialization will help you do so. Deep Learning is one of the most highly sought after skills in tech. We will help you become good at Deep Learning. In five...

read more

Master Programs

Full Stack Web Development Masters Program

Full Stack Web Development Masters Program The Full Stack Web Development Masters Program is one of the best online courses that teaches you on the latest front-end web technologies and the back-end web technologies. Learn what's in demand with this online program....

Data Science Masters Program

Data Science Masters Program Data Science Masters Program makes you proficient in tools and systems used by Data Science Professionals. It includes training on Statistics, Data Science, Python, Apache Spark & Scala, Tensorflow and Tableau. The curriculum has been...

DevOps Masters Program

DevOps Masters Program This Masters Program makes you proficient in DevOps principles like CI/CD, Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Delivery, using tools like Puppet, Nagios, Chef, Ansible, Docker, Git & Jenkins. It includes training on Linux, Python, Docker, AWS...

Cloud Masters Program

Cloud Masters Program Cloud Masters Program makes you proficient in designing, planning, and scaling cloud implementation. It includes training on Java, Cloud Computing, AWS Architectural Principles, Migrating Applications on Cloud and DevOps. The curriculum has been...

Big Data Masters Program

Big Data Masters Program makes you proficient in tools and systems used by Big Data experts. It includes training on Hadoop and Spark stack, Cassandra, Talend and Apache Kafka messaging system. The curriculum has been determined by extensive research on 5000+ job...

Mobile App Creation

Mobile App Creation Service

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