A Step-By-Step Guide To Make Money Blogging

Welcome to the OnlineCourses.Tech blog. I will be sharing the information on how to set up a profitable website or blog. Just the way I was thought by some of the greatest known blog masters.

If you’re not sure about a website or blog niche please just check the online courses that I have put together to give you an idea. If you want you can even pursue a course at your own pace and I will get a small commision. The funds help me run this great blog and provides for my living.

The page gives you the entry point that will help you with three core objectives

  1. How to host your website or blog?
  2. How to setup a Mail list provider (very important)?
  3. Finally, setting up your blog or website. I can help you with it if you don’t know where to start from. Just let me know.

I recommend you bookmark this page as it will take some time to work through it all.

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Okay, let’s begin…

Setup Your Blog Hosting

First step in creation a succesfull laptop lifestyle online business is to obtain a domain and a web hosting for your blog. BlueHost is great for starting out and for growing up your business.

Sign up for hosting and domain by clicking on the image bellow

Setup Your Email List

Once your website or blog is up and running, you should immidiately sign up for a email newsletter. From day one I use Aweber and I’m supper happy with their service.

Sign up for AWeber by clicking on the image bellow

What Are You Going To Learn From The Blueprint?

  1. Discover your niche to write on your website or blog. You can also take a look for an idea under the categories. I provide you with some great courses which could be a start base for your further development. You can find many interesting courses to start with. You might even start with a course and than use that topic to further write content on your blog or website.
  2. You’ll learn how to write SEO content.
  3. You’ll learn how to drive traffic towards your website or blog.
  4. What’s a blog if you don’t monetize it right? You’ll learn how to make money from your website or blog.
  5. Users also look for a great optimized website and blog. Learn about how to optimize and automate your content.

Do You Need Help With Setting Up A Blog From A-Z?

If you’re not sure, how all this works I’m willing to step in and help you out with everything.

I would need help with setting up my blog

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